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`2er Split´- Push Pull

Aktualisiert: 5. Jan. 2019

Push Pull training is the most widespread training plan type. The main principle is dividing the body in two different kinds of motion sequences: push and pull.

The advantages of a push pull plan:

-good muscle recovery (similar muscle groups are trained together)

-building a solid foundation (composition of basic exercises)


My push and pull training plan Volume

Day 1: Push

Bench Press; Incline Bench Press; Cable Crossover

Triceps Dip; Triceps Extension (over head); Triceps Extension (overhand, underhand grip)

Arnold Press, Lateral Raise, Front Raise

Day 2: Pull

Deadlift; Lat Pulldown; Seated Row

Bicep Curl (dumbbell); Bicep Curl (barbell); Hammer Curl

Chrunch; Leg Raise

Even though those are basic erxercises they are great for aiming volume. Focus on the execution and use 80% of the maximum weight that you can deal with to provoke maximum muscle growth.


All in all I created this plan to get the best result with a medium time expense.

That´s not because I dont want to spend more time in the gym but for me this is the best way to train and have a good every day life balance.

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